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Delight Health Tower

Delight Health Tower boasts a wide selection of vitamins, sports supplements, and more nutrient products, being located right at the heart of Niagara Falls! We pride ourselves on being the first to bring in the latest and most cutting edge products. We believe that to be leaders providing our flagship products such as Acai Berry and Omega 3 it is critical that we keep pace with our ever changing industry and that we offer the newest and best products available to our customers. To add value to every single customer experience, most of the products are guaranteed from the Canadian government having with Natural Product Number(NPN). We have been staying away from gimmicks. It is our policy to offer you the best market price and the best service right from the start of our relationship with you.


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Telephone: 289-296-8727


5400 Robinson St
Niagara Falls, ON

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