Michael Moore in Niagara Falls

Whether you come at it from the political left or right, there is no middle ground when it comes to Michael Moore.  He’s the crusading documentary maker from Flint, Mich. who rose to fame with his film Roger and Me in 1989, where he tried to call to account auto manufacturing executives who had abandoned his hometown.  Audiences loved his humorous tale of trying to meet face to face with Roger Smith, the president of General Motors. Beneath the humour, though, was a sharp commentary on life in rustbelt cities like Flint and how they struggled when long-time industries packed up and moved south.  Fresh off his successful Broadway play, The Terms of My Surrender, he is coming to Niagara Falls on Sept. 28.

In his appearance at the Scotiabank Convention Centre on Stanley Avenue, in the Fallsview tourism district, Moore will talk about current events and engage the audience in what should be a lively Q&A session.  If you don’t love his style, you probably despise it. There is little middle ground in public opinion on Moore.  Left-leaning followers see him as a crusader for the little guy, exposing high-level corruption in politics and American culture, like the National Rifle Association, big pharma and Wall Street.  Many people on the right, though, see him as a ballcap-wearing grandstander who plays fast and loose with the facts.

Either way, if you enjoy lively talk about the current times it should be fun – and he is bound to touch on the upcoming Canadian election.
After all, he grew up in Michigan, a short drive from Windsor, and is fluent in the Canadian lifestyle.  No doubt, he will also have a few things to say about the 2020 American presidential race. He is one of the few pundits who can genuinely claim to have predicted Donald Trump’s election in 2016, a race that was generally thought to be Hillary Clinton’s to lose.  Tickets are still available for the show, which starts at 7:30 p.m. at the convention centre. Prices start at $70.

Moore is just one of several big-name celebrities coming to Niagara Falls this year for similar sessions.

KISS frontman Gene Simmons and TV’s Dr. Phil are also on the bill for appearances later this summer at the convention centre.

While you’re in the neighbourhood for Moore’s show, take in the sights at Niagara Falls.  A 7:30 p.m. show on a Saturday night offers plenty of time to visit the tourist spots nearby, like the Skylon Tower, Niagara Fallsview Casino and the falls themselves.  It’s also a good opportunity to have a great meal in one of the numerous great restaurants in the Fallsview area.   The menu of eateries is long, and offers something for every palate and price range.