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Angelo Rossi is recognized as the King of Glass, and is Canada’s first Cranberry Glass Manufacturer with 7 generations and over 50 years of glass blowing experience.

Angelo Rossi’s Glass Making techniques are from the closely guarded teachings and traditions of Venetian artistic glass making.

He is the founder of the original Rossi Glass from Cornwall, Ontario and has taken many apprentices under his wing throughout his career. In fact a lot of the glass makers you see in Niagara Falls have been influenced and taught by Angelo Rossi.

In addition, he has produced commissioned works for some of the most popular names in mainstream culture and entertainment throughout his career, names such as Sir Elton John, James Cameron and Jane Fonda.

Skylon Tower is proud to have Angelo Rossi be a part of the Skylon Tower family of attractions.

Angelo Rossi Galleria & Studio is opened daily from 11 AM to 10 PM with glass blowing performances several times throughout the day during the summer tourist season.

Come visit Angelo Rossi Galleria & Studio at Skylon Tower today and take home a piece of history.


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